Structural Task Force

Cameron Fyfe

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Cameron is a structural biologist who has worked extensively on proteins from microorganisms. With many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in structural biology research, he joined the Task Force to contribute his skills to improve existing models for drug development. He is currently researching Radical SAM enzymes at INRAE.
When not in the laboratory he can be found hunting mushrooms in the forest.

Posts of Cameron Fyfe

Exoribonuclease: Making the most when mistakes are made

Cameron D Fyfe
The building plan Storing the building plans for a virus in its genome is much like how we store ideas in language. This may sound strange but, as an example, typos in spelling, grammar, or word usage, can lead to the meaning of a sentence either changing dramatically, remaining virtually unchanged, or becoming complete nonsense. […]
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