Structural Task Force

Ezika Joshua Onyeka

M.Sc. student

Joshua joined the Thorn lab as a Student Assistant. He is a Public Health practitioner, had Bachelor`s degree in Public Health and currently enrolled at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences for his MPH.
He has helped in implementing some vaccination programmes to improve immunisation coverage and training of immunisation frontline Health Workers.

For the task force, he is very interested in carrying out some vaccine research and writing blogposts in fight against Coronavirus. His interest in molecular biology has grown over time working with a bunch of scientists in the taskforce.

When he is not working, he is singing or reading.

Posts of Ezika Joshua Onyeka

How SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) mRNA-based Vaccines Work

Joshua Ezika
February 22, 2021
Introduction The coronavirus pandemic hit the entire world and caused millions of deaths. More than fifty companies race towards developing a vaccine to stop the disease (1). Vaccination presents a lasting solution to this unfavourable situation, reducing the burden of Coronavirus (2). The first vaccine to be approved for emergency use is an mRNA-based vaccine (3,4). How does […]
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