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Die AG Thorn an der Universität Hamburg sucht einen Doktorand*In für die Frage, ob wir makromolekulare Strukturen in der Kristallographie un der Cryo-EM überhaupt richtig modellieren. Es gibt viele Hinweise, dass das nicht der Fall ist, zum Beispiel einen R-Wert (Diskrepanz zwischen modell und Messdaten) von durchschnittlich ca. 22% in der makromolekularen Kristallographie. Der- oder diejenige sollte Interesse an Strukturbiologie, Freude an der Forschung und Grundkenntnisse in mindestens einem der Bereiche dieser Doktorarbeit mitbringen (Chemie, Kristallographie, Cryo-EM, Programmierung, Statistik oder strukturelle Bioinformatik).

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Studentische Hilfskräfte (m/f/d)

We are an international team of researchers and students evaluating and improving the three-dimensional molecular structures of coronaviruses. We also informing the scientific and general public about advances in SARS-CoV-2 research on social media and our homepage

We are looking for student assistants for the following tasks:

  • Programming plugins for WordPress
  • Recording and editing of videos for YouTube
  • PyMol in connection with Cinema 4D, Maya or Blender
  • Conveying scientific findings to a lay audience (ie., science journalism)
  • Automated Big Data statistical analyses of molecular structures and sequences
  • Reviews of coronavirus literature and molecular structures
  • 3D printing and design of prints related to the virus

Students with previous experience in any of the above tasks are encouraged to apply. You will be supported by the rest of the team in your tasks; enthusiasm, good English and communication skills are mandatory. You need to be enrolled as a student in a German University. The salary is approximately 10 €/hour. You can work from home, if you have a webcam and a computer, with the exception of taking videos and 3D printing.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. To apply, please send us your grade sheet(s), relevant certificates, CV and letter outlining your relevant skills to [email protected]
(The position is with the University of Hamburg, to where the Thorn Lab recently moved.)

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