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Toyin Akinselure

Nanoscience M.Sc. Student

Toyin ist a microbiologist and presently an M.Sc. student in nanoscience with a focus on nanobiology and nanochemistry.
She is interested in scientific research especially in protein chemistry and drug discovery. In the previous autumn and winter, she interned with two research projects, one in drug discovery and the other in protein structure. She found these exciting and hopes to broaden her knowledge in these, perhaps with a master’s thesis.

In the Task Force, she hopes to put her knowledge in microbiology and nanobiology to some good use especially with outreach and writing blog posts.
She also is passionate about communication and opening up/engaging in insightful conversations. When she has some free time, she hosts a video channel to do this.

Posts of Toyin Akinselure

FFP2 Mask illustrated to reveal SEM image of Filter layer

Sizes of Viruses, Droplets, Aerosols, and the Construction of Masks

Toyin Akinselure
Since the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, infection has continued to spread. At the same time, governmental agencies around the world have adjusted the rules to prevent its spread. Information sources as basis for these rules have been obtained from scientific studies, public health research and simulation tests to understand the efficiency of mask types in preventing […]
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