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Luise Kandler

Biochemistry B.Sc. Student

Luise is a B.Sc. student in biochemistry, and joined the Taskforce during the Corona lockdown.

She will do a B.Sc. thesis in the Thorn lab over the summer, focussing on computer applications.

In the task force, she mainly uses her biochemical knowledge for literature research and enjoys searching the best possible visualization of molecules from the corona virus. Nevertheless, Luise currently learns Python and works with Coot to discover this new exciting world of structural refinement and crystallography.

Posts of Luise Kandler

This illustration shows the E protein as a pentameric ion channel embedded in a membrane.

The E protein: A small but mysterious structure

Luise Kandler
July 10, 2020
Introduction The novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 incorporates various structural proteins in its protective coat. In order to find a potential drug target against the spreading pandemic, a lot of scientific research focusses on the characteristic spike glycoprotein as a therapeutic target. But apart from the spikes, several other structural proteins were found to decorate the virus […]

SARS-CoV-2 Entry Animation from Iwasa Group – a little Christmas Present to the Scientific Community

Luise Kandler
December 24, 2020
Overview During the Corona-dominated year 2020 scientists all over the world united and gathered as much information as possible to understand the exact mechanism behind the lifecycle of SARS-CoV-2. The main question was: how can we stop the virus from invading the human cell and causing COVID-19? A focus in the quest to answer this […]
Structure of the RNA binding domain (right) and of the dimerization domain (left). PDB: 7CDZ, 7C22 Image: Oliver Kippes

The packaging of the RNA - Nucleocapsid proteins

Oliver Kippes
February 22, 2021
1.    Introduction: With SARS-CoV-2 infections and related death rates continuing to rise worldwide and new variants emerging, the virus is still a great and present danger. Although we have gathered significant knowledge and the first vaccinations have started, new mutations can still set our efforts back and possibly make the virus even more potent. Thus, searches […]
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