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Oliver Kippes

Biochemistry B.Sc. Student

Oli is studying biochemistry (B.Sc) and has completed a training as an IT specialist prior to his studies.

With the combined knowledge of his studies and training, he helps maintaining the structural database, programs applications for it and supports the team in literature research.

In spite of his study, structural biology was still a new topic for Oliver, which he discovered with great curiosity.

Posts of Oliver Kippes

Structure of the RNA binding domain (right) and of the dimerization domain (left). PDB: 7CDZ, 7C22 Image: Oliver Kippes

The packaging of the RNA - Nucleocapsid proteins

Oliver Kippes
1.    Introduction: With SARS-CoV-2 infections and related death rates continuing to rise worldwide and new variants emerging, the virus is still a great and present danger. Although we have gathered significant knowledge and the first vaccinations have started, new mutations can still set our efforts back and possibly make the virus even more potent. Thus, searches […]
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