Structural Task Force

Yunyun Gao

Postdoctoral Research Associate in the AUSPEX Project

Yunyun is a method developer for strategies of analysing data from biomacromolecules. Before joining the Thorn group, he had been working on SAXS/WAXS of polymers and proteins. He is interested in improving objectivity and reliability of data analysis. Yunyun is currently extending the functionality of AUSPEX. He is the repository manager and AUSPEX handler for the Coronavirus Structural Task Force.

Posts of Yunyun Gao

FFP2 Mask illustrated to reveal SEM image of Filter layer

Sizes of Viruses, Droplets, Aerosols, and the Construction of Masks

Toyin Akinselure
Since the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, infection has continued to spread. At the same time, governmental agencies around the world have adjusted the rules to prevent its spread. Information sources as basis for these rules have been obtained from scientific studies, public health research and simulation tests to understand the efficiency of mask types in preventing […]
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